Best 17 AI Character Generator Free Apps & Website in 2023

Why Do You Need An AI Character Generator Free?


Let’s delve into the world of creating written content with a focus on unique, personalized AI avatars. These avatars serve as an attractive representation of yourself, capable of increasing online interactions, especially with your valuable customers. Their usefulness extends to the creation of distinctive profile pictures for various social media platforms, adding an extra touch of personality to your online presence.

Imagine immersing yourself in the realm of online gaming, streaming your thrilling adventures with both familiar friends and strangers alike. In such scenarios, an AI avatar proves invaluable by providing an animated avatar of your digital self, enhancing the visual experience for all viewers.

Additionally, when it comes to professional settings, such as business presentations, tutorials, or broadcasts, integrating AI avatars provides an engaging and innovative element to your content. With its unique ability to attract and engage audiences, AI avatars become indispensable asset in delivering impactful and memorable presentations.

Finally, harnessing the power of AI avatars opens up myriad opportunities for enhanced online interaction, creativity, and visual engagement. By infusing your content with these unique virtual presentations, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience, taking your online presence to new heights.

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Best 17 AI Character Generator Free Apps & Websites in 2023


Democreator AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free

Introducing DemoCreator AI Character Generator Free, a remarkable free online tool designed to empower you in sharing your ideas with the world through its innovative demo functionality. This tool revolutionizes the way you create AI avatars by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Accessing DemoCreator is a breeze. Simply ensure you have a device with internet capabilities and a stable connection, and you’re ready to embark on your creative journey. By logging onto the site, a world of endless possibilities unfolds before you.

Harnessing the power of the latest AI advancements, DemoCreator meticulously tracks and captures real-time movements, facial expressions, and mannerisms during your video broadcasts. This attention to detail ensures that your AI avatar possesses an uncanny resemblance to your authentic self, elevating the level of immersion and authenticity in your content.

What truly sets DemoCreator apart is the remarkable level of customization it offers. Unleash your creativity and tailor your AI avatar to reflect your unique personality and style. With an array of amazing customization options at your fingertips, you can truly give your avatar a personal touch that resonates with your individuality.

To further enhance the avatar creation experience, DemoCreator seamlessly integrates with the VRoid avatar platform. This integration grants users the ability to transform their avatars into captivating 3D models, adding a new dimension of depth and realism to their virtual representations.

In conclusion, DemoCreatorAI Character Generator Free is a game-changing tool that empowers you to unleash your creativity, share your ideas, and connect with the world in a unique and captivating manner. Embrace the possibilities that this remarkable tool presents and embark on a journey of self-expression and innovation. Accessible, versatile, and brimming with customization options, DemoCreator is your gateway to crafting AI avatars that truly reflect your individuality.

Good News: the AI avatar maker for profile pictures will be coming soon..!!!

How to create a custom AI avatar easily and quickly in less time?

Let’s Create an AI Avatar version of yourself on Democreator AI Avatar Creator by using these simple steps:

Step 1: First, Launch Democreator Wondershare and choose a Presentation Mode.

Once you have visited the site, you’ll discover an array of exciting features to explore. To begin, select the “Video Presentation Mode” for a truly immersive experience. This mode empowers you to capture your screen, record meetings, or deliver captivating PowerPoint presentations, all in AI Avatar mode.

With this innovative functionality, you can seamlessly blend the power of visual content with the engaging presence of your AI avatar. Whether you need to showcase your screen activity, conduct virtual meetings, or deliver impactful presentations, the Video Presentation Mode provides a unique and captivating way to communicate your message.

By combining the versatility of screen capturing, meeting recording, and PowerPoint presentations with the charismatic presence of your AI avatar, you can captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. Elevate your content to new heights and embrace the future of online communication with this remarkable feature.

Visit the site now and unlock the full potential of the Video Presentation Mode. Unleash your creativity, engage your audience, and make a lasting impact through the seamless integration of AI avatars into your screen recordings, meetings, and presentations. The possibilities are boundless, and the results are truly remarkable.

Step 2: Now, Import the PPT and Choose a VTuber.

As you embark on your DemoCreator journey, you have the freedom to choose a VTuber of your preference from the diverse range of options provided. Select the virtual YouTuber (VTuber) that resonates with your style, personality, and message you wish to convey. Alternatively, if you have a custom model stored on your device, you can easily upload it and bring your unique creation to life.

To add an extra layer of professionalism and impact to your presentation, DemoCreator allows you to import PowerPoint (PPT) files directly from your device. Seamlessly integrate your prepared slides and visuals to enhance your message and engage your audience on a deeper level. The combination of an AI avatar, your chosen VTuber or custom model, and a PowerPoint presentation ensures a dynamic and visually captivating experience for your viewers.

Now, with the flexibility to choose your VTuber, upload custom models, and import PPT files, you possess the tools to create truly remarkable presentations. Delve into the possibilities, unleash your creativity, and make an indelible impression on your audience. DemoCreator empowers you to craft content that is unique, and engaging and seamlessly integrates the power of AI avatars, custom models, and PowerPoint presentations.

Step into the realm of immersive and captivating presentations. Choose your VTuber, upload your custom model, import your PPT file, and let DemoCreator transform your ideas into an unforgettable visual experience. The stage is set, and the world is waiting to witness your creativity come to life.

Step 3: Now, Enable the Webcam of your system.

To ensure a seamless replication of your every feature and movement, it is vital to follow the indicator displayed on your screen. Position yourself in a central location, allowing DemoCreator’s advanced AI technology to capture every detail with precision. By positioning yourself appropriately, you enable the AI system to create a perfect replication of your unique characteristics.

This synchronization process is a necessary step before proceeding to select another presentation mode within DemoCreator. By achieving optimal positioning, you guarantee an accurate and lifelike representation of yourself through the AI avatar.

Take your time and carefully follow the indicator, ensuring that you are situated close enough for the AI to capture your features and movements flawlessly. This meticulous synchronization process sets the foundation for an immersive and realistic experience when utilizing DemoCreator’s various presentation modes.

Once you have successfully completed the synchronization process, you can confidently explore and select your preferred presentation mode, knowing that your AI avatar will accurately reflect your actions and expressions. Embrace the next stage of your DemoCreator journey with the confidence that every nuance of your presence will be seamlessly replicated for an engaging and captivating experience.

Step 4: Now, Start the Recording.

To ensure accurate motion tracking and the desired effects, it is essential to follow the instructions for the “Calibration Mode” provided by DemoCreator. This calibration process guarantees that your movements will be properly tracked and reflected in real time. Adhere to the instructions meticulously to ensure optimal performance and an immersive experience.

Once you have completed the calibration process, it’s time to take the next step. Locate the “Demo&Record” button positioned at the top-right corner of the page. With confidence in your calibrated setup, click this button to commence your presentation journey.

By initiating the “Demo&Record” mode, you unlock the ability to seamlessly showcase your content while having your motions and expressions captured by DemoCreator’s advanced AI technology. This feature ensures that your presentation is not only visually engaging but also infused with your authentic presence.

With the click of a button, you set in motion a dynamic recording session that will capture every aspect of your delivery, enhancing the impact and immersion of your audience. Prepare to share your ideas, engage your viewers, and leave a lasting impression through the combined power of DemoCreator’s motion-tracking capabilities and your unique presentation skills.

Remember to embrace the moment, speak confidently, and let your gestures and expressions come naturally as you embark on your recorded presentation. The “Demo&Record” mode empowers you to deliver a captivating performance that combines your expertise with the impressive capabilities of AI technology.

Now, with the calibration complete and the “Demo&Record” mode activated, it’s time to captivate your audience and make your mark. Enjoy the journey, and may your presentation be a resounding success.

Price: Free Trial   Windows.      IOS AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • introducing AI Character Generator Free, an extraordinary online tool that offers to instantly convert your uploaded photos into AI avatars. With this free tool, you can expect nothing less than high-quality results thanks to cutting-edge advances in AI technology.
  • is designed to integrate various operating systems and mobile devices to ensure compatibility across platforms such as iOS, Windows OS, Android, and more. Whether users are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, users need a browser and a stable internet connection to access the site and create stunning AI avatars from their photos.
  • One of the standout features of is its commitment to user privacy. After you log out of the website, takes immediate action to delete all your online data from its servers within 24 hours. This ensures that your valuable information is protected from any potential threats or from unauthorized access. With, you can enjoy peace of mind and the assurance of optimal privacy throughout your avatar creation process.
  • Unlock the power of AI Avatar Maker and watch your uploaded photos transform seamlessly into adorable AI avatars. Experience the convenience of cross-platform compatibility, the assurance of high-quality results, and the peace of mind that comes with advanced privacy measures. Embrace the possibilities with and bring your digital presence to life.
  • Price: Free

 Starrytars AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • Introducing Starrytars AI Character Generator Free, an intuitive tool that empowers you to craft your very own captivating cartoon online persona in the form of AI avatars. With its user-friendly navigation panel, you can effortlessly create a vast array of unique AI avatars that truly reflect your style and personality. Let your imagination soar as you explore the possibilities and bring your digital presence to life.
  • Begin your Starrytars journey by immersing yourself in the creation of over a hundred AI avatars. With easy navigation and seamless functionality, you can effortlessly customize each avatar to suit your preferences. Starrytars allows you to further enhance your avatar collection by uploading up to twenty pictures, each taken in different settings and lighting conditions. These pictures can then be converted into any of the hundred AI-based avatars, resulting in a truly personalized and distinctive online presence.
  • To make your Starrytars experience even more accessible, the app is available for download on both the App Store and Google PlayStore. This means that iPhone and Android users alike can take advantage of the vast features and creative possibilities offered by Starrytars. Once you’ve created your AI avatar, the options are limitless. Use it as your social media profile picture, incorporate it into stickers, feature it as your website logo, or even add it to your business cards. The unique and captivating outlook provided by your AI avatar will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Unleash your creativity and transform your online presence with Starrytars. Craft your cool cartoon persona through the power of AI avatars, and embrace the opportunity to make a statement across various platforms. With Starrytars, the possibilities are boundless, and your digital identity can truly shine.
  • Price: Free

Picsart AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • In the realm of AI Character Generator Free apps in 2023, Picsart stands out as one of the most widely recognized and esteemed platforms. With its impressive capabilities, Picsart has the ability to bring your personalized AI-based avatar to life within seconds, transporting you into a world of boundless creativity and fantasy.
  • Compatibility is not an issue with Picsart, as it caters to both Android and iOS users. Regardless of your operating system, you can immerse yourself in the captivating world of Picsart and unlock the power of personalized avatars. The beauty of Picsart lies in its accessibility. You don’t need professional expertise to dive into this transformative experience. Simply upload your selected pictures and witness the state-of-the-art AI maker work its magic, breathing life into your unique creations.
  • With Picsart, you have the power to unleash your creativity and craft truly distinctive profile pictures, business cards, and ads that effortlessly captivate viewers and customers alike. Harness the incredible technology of Picsart’s AI-based Avatar tech, and prepare to be amazed by the results. Each creation carries a touch of personalized artistry, enabling you to leave a lasting impression in the digital world.
  • Embrace the world of possibilities with Picsart and unlock the true potential of AI-based avatars. Seamlessly merge technology and imagination, and watch as your visions come to life. Experience the ease, versatility, and astounding outcomes that await you on the journey with Picsart.
  • Price: Free, but users need to purchase if they want a premium feature or a watermark in your videos removed.

Fotor AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • If you’re a beginner seeking a user-friendly and efficient tool to bring your ideal character AI generator to life, look no further than Fotor. This highly recommended online tool provides a seamless experience for creating stunning avatars, and the best part is, it’s absolutely free.
  • Fotor’s simplicity in navigation and swift performance make it an excellent choice for beginners. Whether you choose to upload your own pictures or let your imagination run wild to design an avatar from scratch, Fotor offers you the tools to bring your vision to reality. For instance, if you upload a photo to the interface, you’ll be presented with three distinct photo effects to choose from, each offering a unique touch to your creation.
  • The versatility of Fotor extends to its compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems, ensuring that users across different platforms can access its exceptional features. Additionally, Fotor provides a mobile app for those who prefer creating on-the-go, granting phone users the flexibility to explore their creative potential wherever they may be.
  • One of the standout features of Fotor is its ability to generate random avatars from text. Simply describe the image you envision, specify its style, color scheme, and other settings, and Fotor will bring your description to life, producing a customized avatar that matches your vision.
  • Embrace the limitless possibilities of Fotor and witness the transformation of your pictures into captivating cartoon avatars. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Fotor empowers you to unleash your creativity and create avatars that truly reflect your unique style. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced creator, Fotor offers an accessible and immersive experience for bringing your idealAI Character Generator Free to fruition. Explore the realms of imagination and let Fotor be your guide.
  • Price: Free

Artflow AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • Embark on a journey of creativity and storytelling with Artflow, an extraordinary AI Character Generator Free that empowers you to breathe life into your original characters and craft engaging avatar stories. With Artflow, users have the opportunity to step into the shoes of an animated filmmaker, designing the characters, voices, visuals, and stories that come together to create the user’s own masterpiece. The cutting-edge AI-based technology and machine learning algorithms integrated into Artflow give you the tools and capabilities to unleash your imagination and bring your avatar stories to life.
  • You might think that such a sophisticated device would be daunting to a novice but fear not. Artflow is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals of all levels of design knowledge. Whether users are seasoned creators or just starting out on their artistic journey, Artflow provides a smooth and intuitive experience, guiding you through the process of crafting your own unique avatar stories.
  • To ensure maximum convenience and flexibility, Artflow is available for download on a variety of platforms. Whether you prefer to work on your Windows PC, Mac system, or mobile devices, Artflow can support you in your creative endeavors. Immerse yourself in the world of avatar creation, and have a fun and engaging time bringing your AI avatars to life.
  • Open the doors to your imagination and embrace the limitless possibilities of Artflow. With its user-friendly interface, powerful AI technology, and commitment to making avatar creation accessible to all, Artflow invites you to become the master of your own animated universe. Download Artflow today and embark on an exciting journey of storytelling and creativity.
  • Price: Free

FacePlay AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • For every online content creator, FacePlay is an indispensable tool in their arsenal. This remarkable AI Character Generator Free offers a wealth of possibilities by transforming any uploaded photo into a diverse range of AI avatars inspired by global characters. With FacePlay, you have access to a plethora of styles, including cartoons, sports, sci-fi, art painting, war-damaged, cyberpunk, and many more. This expansive selection ensures that you can find the perfect style to bring your creative vision to life. Additionally, FacePlay provides a rich collection of video templates that you can seamlessly adopt to enhance your content.
  • When it comes to the quality of your AI avatars, FacePlay excels. You can rest assured that the app supports high-resolution photos and videos, guaranteeing that your creations retain their visual integrity, regardless of the platform or medium they are shared on. Immerse yourself in a world of stunning detail and vibrant imagery, as FacePlay empowers you to showcase your AI avatars in their full glory.
  • FacePlay is compatible with various devices and operating systems, ensuring that you can utilize its powerful features across different platforms. Whether you prefer working on your Mac OS or Windows 7 and up computer, or if you prefer the convenience of a mobile app, FacePlay has you covered. Simply download the mobile app version on your Android or iPhone, or run it seamlessly on your computer, and embark on a journey of creativity and imagination.
  • Embrace the limitless potential of FacePlay as an online content creator. Let your uploaded photos undergo a remarkable transformation into an array of captivating AI avatars, each representing a unique global character. With FacePlay’s diverse styles and high-resolution support, your creations are bound to captivate and engage your audience like never before. Unleash your creativity, download FacePlay today, and embark on a transformative journey of character AI generation.
  • Price: Free

GoArt AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • Unlock the artistic potential within your Android device with the Android AI Avatar Maker app. This extraordinary app allows you to transform ordinary photos and text into extraordinary works of art. Involve yourself in a world of creativity, repainting your paintings in the styles of famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, and many more. With a wide range of filters at your disposal, users can easily infuse your artwork with the essence of these outstanding painters.
  • It also invites you to explore the realm of creative ideas by turning your text into captivating images. Within seconds, you can bring your details to life, watching them transform into stunning visual representations. Users can let their imagination run wild as they play with words and images, creating unique and thought-provoking creations.
  • To start this artistic journey, all you need is an Android device running 6.0 and above. Just download the app and unleash your creative cartoon designing skills. Unleash the inner artist and bring your photos and texts to life with a touch of artistic flair.
  • Enjoy the transformative power of the Android AI avatar maker app. Discover the joy of turning everyday moments into captivating artwork inspired by legendary artists. Let your imagination run wild and your creative expression flourishes. Download the app today and embark on a journey of artistic discovery.
  • Price: Free, but if the user wants. to access features then, they need to upgrade as it contains in-app purchases for premium features.

Prisma AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • Elevate your photo editing skills and captivate your audience with Prisma Lensa, the ultimate AI avatar creator for Android and iPhone users. Available for download on Google PlayStore and App Store, this remarkable app takes your photo editing experience to new heights, delivering astounding results that are sure to impress your customers and followers.
  • With Prisma Lensa, you gain access to the powerful “Magic Correction” feature, which effortlessly enhances your facial appearance with just a single touch. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to a flawless visage that radiates confidence. But that’s just the beginning. Prisma Lensa offers an array of special effects and unique filters that can effortlessly transform even the most ordinary photo into an extraordinary AI Character Generator Free. Unleash your creativity and let your imagination soar as you explore the endless possibilities at your fingertips.
  • Leave a lasting impression with stunning visuals that capture the essence of your persona and brand. Prisma Lensa empowers you to create AI avatars that stand out from the crowd, resonating with your audience on a deeper level. From captivating portraits to artistic masterpieces, the app’s intuitive interface and diverse range of effects ensure that each creation is a true reflection of your unique vision.
  • Take your photo editing game to the next level with Prisma Lensa. Embrace the power of AI technology to unlock a world of creative possibilities and leave a lasting impact on your customers and followers. Download the app today and witness your photos transcend ordinary boundaries, becoming extraordinary works of art.
  • Price: Free

AI Profile Pic Maker AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • Elevate your online presence with the AI Profile Pic Maker, a remarkable tool tailored to assist creators in crafting stunning artistic pictures suitable for use as profile pictures. Powered by custom Stable Diffusion technology, this AI avatar maker achieves remarkable feats, producing captivating AI avatars that leave a lasting impression.
  • By uploading a photo from at least ten different angles, you provide the AI avatar creator with valuable data to work its magic. Within minutes, this innovative tool generates over a hundred unique studio standard pictures, each showcasing a cooler and more refined version of yourself. Prepare to be astonished by the precision and accuracy with which this app replicates your essence.
  • Rest assured that the AI Profile Pic Maker supports various photo formats, including JPG, PNG, HEIC, and JPEG, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for your convenience.
  • Accessible through any reliable browser, this cutting-edge tool is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the mobile app version, expanding accessibility and empowering creators on the go.
  • Experience the transformative power of the AI Profile Pic Maker as it transcends the boundaries of traditional profile pictures. Unleash your creativity, showcase your unique style, and make a lasting impression with AI avatars that truly reflect your personality. Embrace the future of profile pictures and unlock a world of artistic possibilities with the AI Profile Pic Maker.
  • Price: Free
AI Character Generator Free


  1. Powered by DALL-E: Bing Image Creator harnesses the power of DALL-E, an advanced AI technology, to deliver exceptional results.
  2. Quick: The image generation process is swift, allowing users to obtain their desired images promptly.
  3. Convenient to access: Bing Image Creator can be accessed through Bing Chat and a web browser, providing users with flexibility in choosing their preferred method of interaction.


  1. Need a Microsoft account: To access the image generator, users are required to have a Microsoft account, which may be a limitation for those without one.
  2. In the preview stage: As the Image Creator is still in the preview stage, it may have certain limitations or potential issues that are being actively addressed and improved by the developers.

More Details:

  • Bing Image Creator is a powerful tool that builds upon the capabilities of DALL-E, offering users high-quality image generation at no cost. To access this feature, simply visit the dedicated website or utilize Bing Chat, where you can conveniently request images by providing prompts.
  • The integration of Bing Image Creator with Bing Chat brings added convenience, as users can access both image generation and AI chatting in one place. This streamlined experience enhances various activities, such as party planning, by consolidating multiple functions within a single chatbot.
  • Despite its preview stage, Bing Image Creator demonstrates its potential by providing excellent image outputs and responsive performance. As the development team continues to refine and enhance the tool, users can expect even greater functionality and an improved user experience.
  • Discover the versatility and convenience of Bing Image Creator, powered by DALL-E, and unlock a world of creative possibilities for your image generation needs.
  • Price: Free
AI Character Generator Free


  1. Fast: DALL-E 2 provides quick results, generating images in a matter of seconds.
  2. Not copyrighted: The images produced by DALL-E 2 are not subject to copyright restrictions, allowing for greater freedom of use.
  3. Accurate depictions: The AI model used by DALL-E 2 excels at creating accurate and realistic depictions based on the provided prompts.


  1. Confusing credits: The credits system of DALL-E 2 can be confusing, particularly for new users. The distinction between users who registered before April 6 and new users, as well as the varying credit allowances, may lead to some complexity and potential dissatisfaction.
  2. No app: Unlike some other AI image generators, DALL-E 2 does not have a dedicated app for mobile devices, limiting accessibility for users who prefer using apps.

More Details:

  • DALL-E 2, developed by OpenAI, gained immense popularity as one of the leading AI art generators. Its intuitive website interface allows users to swiftly generate four images based on their prompts. Users can provide specific details to shape their vision and witness DALL-E 2 transform their ideas into visually compelling images.
  • One aspect that may deter potential users is the credit system. Users who registered before April 6 enjoy the original terms, including a free monthly credit allowance of 15 credits that replenishes each month. However, new users are required to purchase a minimum of 115 credits for $15, which can be perceived as a disadvantage compared to other free alternatives, such as Bing Image Creator.
  • Considering the availability of other free and equally capable alternatives, it is advisable for users to opt for DALL-E 2 only if they specifically desire the original experience it offers.
  • Discover the power of DALL-E 2 and explore its AI-generated art to transform your imaginative ideas into stunning visual creations.
  • Price: Free up to 15 credits then need to plan fees accordingly.
AI Character Generator Free


Mobile app: Dream by WOMBO offers the convenience of a mobile app, allowing users to create art on the go using their smartphones or tablets.
Remix your own images: Users have the ability to incorporate their own images into the AI-generated artwork, providing a personalized touch to the creations.
Multiple templates: The app provides a variety of design styles to choose from, including realistic, expressionism, comic, abstract, fanatical, ink, and more, enabling users to explore different artistic expressions.


One image per prompt: With the free version of Dream by WOMBO, users can generate only one image per prompt, which may limit creative exploration.
Subscription cost for full access: To unlock the full potential of the app and access all its features, such as generating multiple images per prompt, users need to subscribe to a paid plan. The subscription options include a yearly plan for $90, a monthly plan for $10, or a lifetime subscription for $170.

More Details:

  • Dream by WOMBO, recognized as the best overall app in Google Play’s 2022 awards, offers a user-friendly experience for creating art through quick prompts. The app allows users to select from various design styles, including realistic, expressionism, comic, abstract, fanatical, ink, and more, giving them the freedom to explore different artistic expressions.
  • In addition to the mobile app, Dream by WOMBO also provides a free desktop version, offering flexibility for users who prefer creating art on their computers.
  • While the free version allows users to generate one image per prompt, a subscription is required to access the full range of features. The subscription options include a yearly plan for $90, a monthly plan for $10, or a lifetime subscription for $170. These plans enable users to generate multiple images per prompt and fully unleash their creative potential.
  • Unlock the power of Dream by WOMBO, whether through the mobile app or desktop version and embark on a journey of artistic creation, exploring diverse styles and infusing your own images to bring your unique visions to life.
  • Price: Free, but need a subscription plan for more image generation
AI Character Generator Free


Free: Craiyon offers its AI Character Generator Free services, allowing users to access its features without any cost.
Unlimited access: Users have the freedom to generate as many prompts as they want, without any limitations or restrictions.
Simple to use: The Craiyon website provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making the AI art generation process straightforward and accessible to all.


Longer wait: Generating images with Craiyon may take longer compared to other AI art generators, potentially requiring more patience from the users.
Distorted images: The quality of the generated images may not be as precise or accurate as those produced by DALL-E 2 or similar platforms, potentially resulting in some distortions or imperfections.

More Details:

  • Craiyon, formerly known as DALL-E mini, is an open-source AI art generator developed by Boris Dayma. Although it is not affiliated with OpenAI or DALL-E 2, Craiyon offers similar functionalities and serves as a viable alternative.
  • One advantage of Craiyon is its unlimited prompts, allowing users to experiment and refine their prompts until they achieve their desired results. While the quality of the generated images may not match the precision of DALL-E 2, the simplicity of the website and the absence of any costs make Craiyon a compelling choice for AI art generation.
  • Users can explore the possibilities offered by Craiyon, creating unique and imaginative artwork by leveraging its unlimited access and user-friendly interface. Though the image generation process may take longer and some distortions might occur, the free and unlimited nature of Craiyon makes it a strong contender in the field of AI art generation.
  • Price: Free, unlimited prompts
AI Character Generator Free


  1. Lots of options: MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine offers a wide range of options, allowing users to explore different themes and create realistic portraits representing various eras throughout history.
  2. Great quality renditions: The AI-generated portraits produced by the AI Time Machine are of high quality and provide realistic representations of how individuals might look in different time periods.
  3. Make great profile pictures: The portraits generated by the AI Time Machine can be used as unique and eye-catching profile pictures, adding a creative touch to personal online profiles.


  1. Limited access: Access to the AI Time Machine may be limited, requiring users to wait for specific free trial windows or pay a fee to utilize the service.
  2. Long wait: The process of generating the AI portraits with the AI Time Machine may take a significant amount of time, ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, which requires patience from the users.

More Details:

  • MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine gained popularity through a viral TikTok trend, where users shared AI-generated portraits of themselves depicting their appearance across different historical eras. The AI Time Machine utilizes 10 to 25 user-provided photos to create realistic and detailed portraits.
  • Although the wait time for the generated results can be relatively long, typically ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, the high-quality artwork makes it worthwhile. Users have the option to access the service for free during specific trial windows by refreshing the website and looking for the “Try it now for free” button. Alternatively, there is an option to pay a fee of $12 to obtain the AI-generated portrait immediately.
  • The AI-generated portraits produced by the AI Time Machine offer users a fascinating glimpse into their appearance throughout various historical periods. Whether for personal curiosity or as unique profile pictures, the high-quality renditions and the variety of available themes make the AI Time Machine a captivating option. However, it’s important to note that access to the service may be limited and users may need to wait or pay a fee to use it.
Price: $12, but free during certain windows

BlueWillow AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free

Blue Willow is an AI technology company specializing in natural language processing and understanding. Their mission is to develop advanced AI solutions that enhance communication and understanding between humans and machines.

At Blue Willow, he focuses on building state-of-the-art language models and conversational AI systems. His expertise lies in developing AI algorithms and models that can understand and generate human-like text, enabling more natural and engaging interactions with AI-powered applications.

One of Blue Willow’s notable products is its language models, which are trained on massive amounts of data to generate high-quality, contextually relevant responses. This language model can be integrated into various applications and platforms to provide users with conversational AI capabilities.

In addition to its language model, Blue Willow provides consulting services to help businesses implement AI solutions and optimize their conversational AI experiences. They work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and develop AI solutions tailored to their goals and objectives.

Blue Willow emphasizes the importance of ethical AI practices and strives to ensure that their AI systems are transparent, fair, and impartial. They are committed to maintaining high standards of data privacy and security, ensuring that user information is protected.

With its innovative AI technology and dedication to advancing natural language understanding, Blue Willow aims to transform the way humans interact with machines, enabling more intelligent and meaningful conversations across various domains and industries.

To get started with Blue Willow’s AI image generation app, follow these simple steps:

  • Join the Discord Community: Discord is a popular and free community platform with a vast user base of 300 million people. To access Blue Willow’s AI image generation app, you need to join the Discord community. It’s a straightforward process to create an account and get started.
  • Visit a “Rookie” Channel: Once you have successfully verified your Discord account, navigate to a designated “rookie” channel. In this channel, type a prompt starting with “/imagine: prompt” followed by a description of the AI picture you want. Be as specific or imaginative as you’d like!
  • Receive Four Images: Within a minute, the AI will generate four images based on your prompt. These images will be shared with you on Discord. You can download them to your device or choose to refine them further using image editing tools. The images are yours to use in any way you wish, whether for personal projects, social media, presentations, or more.

By following these three steps, you can leverage Blue Willow’s AI image generation app to quickly obtain a set of unique and customized images based on your prompts. Join the vibrant Discord community, express your image preferences, and unlock the creative potential of AI-generated visuals.

Price: Free

Playground AI Character Generator Free

AI Character Generator Free
  • Playground AI offers a free version with a range of features and limitations. It is available to all users without any cost and allows for the creation of up to 1,000 images per day. These images can be used for commercial purposes, providing flexibility in utilizing them for various projects.
  • The generated images have fixed dimensions, meaning they come in specific pre-defined sizes. There is a waiting period imposed after reaching the limit of 1,000 images per day, which may temporarily halt the generation of additional images.
  • Using the free version, users can generate one image at a time. This means that each image needs to be individually initiated and generated.
  • After creating 50 images, there may be limitations on the quality and level of detail in the generated images. It’s important to note this potential decrease in quality as you continue to use the service.
  • Please keep in mind that the free version of Playground AI does not support the generation of images using the DALL-E AI model specifically. Therefore, the advanced capabilities of DALL-E are not available in the free version.
  • Lastly, users have the ability to create and save up to 5 canvas files, allowing for organization and management of the generated images.
  • Overall, Playground AI’s free version offers a range of features for users to explore, while also implementing certain limitations to manage usage and maintain the quality of the service.
  • Price: Free

Conclusion – AI Character Generator Free

  • While Bing Image Creator is indeed a powerful AI image generator as it is Free to use, it’s important to note that the “best overall” designation may vary depending on individual preferences and needs. However, Bing Image Creator does have several notable strengths.
  • One of its key advantages is that it is powered by OpenAI’s latest DALL-E technology. This advanced technology ensures accurate and high-quality image generation, rivaling or even surpassing the quality of images produced by DALL-E 2. The combination of accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness makes Bing Image Creator an attractive option for users.
  • The versatility of Bing Image Creator is another strength. It can generate images across various categories, including animals, objects, and abstract concepts. This wide range of possibilities allows users to find accurate depictions that align with their specific requirements or creative vision.
  • Furthermore, Bing Image Creator is known for its efficiency and user-friendly interface. It can generate high-quality images within seconds, providing quick results for users. The simplicity of the platform ensures that even those without extensive technical knowledge can navigate and utilize the tool effectively.
  • In terms of cost-effectiveness, Bing Image Creator offers a free option, which makes it accessible to users who may have budgetary constraints. This affordability factor contributes to its appeal and makes it an attractive choice for individuals or businesses looking to incorporate AI-generated images into their projects.
  • While it is important to acknowledge the strengths of Bing Image Creator, it’s also worth considering other AI image generators and their respective features to determine the best fit for specific needs and preferences. Different platforms may excel in different areas, so exploring multiple options is recommended to find the most suitable AI image generator for individual requirements.

FAQ – AI Character Generator Free


Q: Is there a free AI app?

Here are some details about the mentioned AI-based apps for Android:
Replika: Replika is an AI chatbot designed to provide personalized communication and emotional support. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to learn from conversations with users, aiming to simulate a human-like conversation. Users can engage with Replika to discuss various topics, share thoughts and feelings, and receive responses tailored to their individual preferences and needs.
Socratic: Socratic is an AI-powered educational app that helps students with their homework and studying. By using image recognition and natural language processing, Socratic can understand and analyze questions or problems in various subjects, such as math, science, history, and more. It provides step-by-step explanations, relevant resources, and additional insights to assist students in understanding and solving their academic queries.
Data Bot: Data Bot is an AI assistant app that offers personalized support and information on a wide range of topics. It can answer questions, provide recommendations, and engage in conversations through natural language understanding. Data Bot can also perform tasks like setting reminders, making calculations, providing weather updates, and delivering news headlines, among other features.
These apps showcase the versatility of AI in different areas, including communication, education, and personalized assistance. They aim to enhance user experiences and provide valuable support in various aspects of daily life.

Q: Is Blue Willow AI copyright free?

As of April 10, 2023, BlueWillow allows users to use all the images created using their platform for commercial purposes. This means that users are permitted to utilize the images in various commercial projects without the need for additional permissions or licenses. The free version of BlueWillow provides users with royalty-free images that can be used freely by anyone. This allows for greater flexibility and accessibility in utilizing the generated images for commercial endeavors.